About Us

We are passionate about offering high-quality coffee products that reflect the richness 
and variety of the regions of Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.

About more of KAFENS 


We want to share our love for coffe, for us a cup of coffee is an opportunity to create memories. 

Laura, our founder, is a coffee lover, and every time that she hosts a party people enjoy the traditional Mexican coffee that she prepared. Around a good cup of coffee she had great memories with her family and friends. 

We want to share with you a tasty latin american coffee, prepared in traditionals recipe with unique organic ingredients.

Kafens "Cafe de Olla" pour over, is a traditional Mexican coffee, prepared in an easiest way, with cinnamon and Piloncillo. It offers tradition, culture and the full experience.
Brazilian, Light roast, decaf and Colombian. All roasts and flavors are 100 % organic, compostable and eco friendly, 

We are creating jobs for vulnerable women in the U.S. while sharing this unique traditional way of drinking coffee. 

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Our Vision

Make known the aroma and flavor with organic and traditional products unique to our culture through innovative processes.

Meet our founder Laura E. Salgado Perez

A true force to be reckoned with. She brings her passion and creativity to every aspect of the company, from product development to marketing and customer experience strategies. 

Laura is a hands-on leader who is committed to delivering the highest quality coffee products to customers while promoting sustainable and socially responsible practices. Her dedication to excellence is evident in every cup of KAFENS coffee, and she inspires her team to share her vision of creating a truly authentic and cultural coffee experience.

"Passion and hard work are the key ingredients to make your dreams a reality. Never give up, keep pushing forward, and always believe in yourself." - Laura Salgado P.