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The perfect blend of tradition, flavor, and quality.

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How to Prepare our Pour Over Cafe De Olla

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At KAFENS™, we are passionate about offering high-quality coffee products that reflect the richness and variety of the regions of Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. Our blend of Mexican, Colombian, and Brazilian coffee is carefully selected and roasted to offer a unique and delicious flavor experience. We take pride in sharing the coffee culture and promoting sustainable practices that protect the environment and local communities.

Our commitment is to offer an authentic and cultural experience through the perfect blend of tradition, flavor, and quality in every cup of coffee. We invite you to enjoy our KAFENS™ coffee and immerse yourself in the richness of coffee culture!

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ITZÁ, NOHOCH, KINICH, KALAK, and COBÁ. Each of our coffees is unique and delicious in its own way. From the organic and decaf ITZÁ and NOHOCH with a touch of raw Mexican sugar and cinnamon, to the smooth and organic KINICH with its freshly ground piloncillo, sugar and cinnamon, and the medium-bodied Brazilian KALAK with its distinctive flavor. 

But why choose just one when you can try them all? 
Try our tasting mix and enjoy all of our delicious flavors in one package.

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Imagine waking up to the subtle aroma of cinnamon...

...and sitting down to enjoy a cup of pour-over coffee with the sweet taste of piloncillo. Live the tradition of making the Cafe de olla, 
and experience the culture while you sip the silky and aromatic flavor of our coffee.

With every sip of our coffee, you're not just tasting a beverage, but the passion and dedication of the farmers who grew it.